This Christmas is for You, Our Heroes

By itsmejamesrhed - December 30, 2020

Growing up, we were told stories of superheroes saving the day from the villains through their superpowers or super strengths, and that idea has been brought up until we grow older. These fictional stories made us realize that superheroes are those people who do good for others and unknowingly, it is true in our mere world.Especially now, that we are battling an unseen villain - the COVID-19 virus. With that, the world took a turn, and blessed we are for we have our modern-day heroes. They may not be wearing capes and tight jumpsuits but they do wear the PPEs - the doctors, nurses, bank tellers, government employees, peacekeepers, and the rest of  the noble jobs who risk their lives just to keep us safeguarded - our front liners.  


However, there are heroes that are kept unrecognized. Though it is risky, they still continue to be their own heroes in their industry, as well - the construction workers. The construction industry is one of the most affected industries when COVID happened. Many employers have lessened their employees to follow mandated health protocols. Knowing these construction workers are working just to supply their daily needs. Here in the city of Palms of Davao del Norte, a construction company shows their appreciation by honoring their selfless, modern-day heroes by rewarding them to celebrate the season of joy in its truest form.  


The SECKKA Empire Builders, a homegrown family business wishes to share this yuletide Season with all its employee starting off by giving them food packs, Christmas bonuses, and a simple celebration of thanksgiving for the growing family and the rising success of the whole company. Cherryanne, the CEO of the company, though would have wanted to spend the holiday celebration in a grandiose way. However, because of the strict health protocols, plans have changed but despite all of it, what matters are the smiles and laughter of the employees and construction workers echoed in the place and feeling the feeling of love of the family.  


With this very season, we have reminded once again how sincere and simple gestures create an unforgettable and heartfelt memory. One does not need to be materialistic, one must need only to be real…like love and just like Cherryanne 

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