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By itsmejamesrhed - February 10, 2020

AMAYA VIEW is a sky destination situated at the highest peak of Cagayan De Oro City. Amaya offers a one-stop destination for the Kagayanons, who want to avoid the crowd in the city with its different attractions. It’s the perfect place to escape from stress at work and take a deep breath of fresh air to an overlooking view of the city. The place is packed with an amusement park, restaurants, a café, and a replica of the famous biblical ark! It's a 20-minute drive from downtown, and the guests will have a memorable experience in this amazing spot in the City of Golden Friendship.

Who doesn't know about Noah’s Ark? It is based on a biblical ark where pairs of animals are called to gather inside the ark to save them from the large Flood. The place is elevated at 1,122 ft above the sea level and a great place for field trips, particularly on sightseeing of farm animals and different varieties of birds.

This is Amaya's famous hobbit house. The comfy architectural design offers unique accommodation to all the guests. It has twelve (12) hobbit houses in 15-sqm air-conditioned rooms with a large bed, toilet & a bathroom. This is good for 3 pax and located near Noah’s ark.

This is first in the city a splendidly created glass chapel seated on a bed of rock. This is Rock Chapel, an excellent venue for recollection, a wedding place, and other occasions. No shoes are allowed, so you need to take off your shoes and leave them outside the chapel. Masses are held every Sunday morning.

This is Amaya View’s playground in the Skye that includes activities for all. It has a climbing rope course and jumping from a man-made helicopter! Everyone can also enjoy the ball pit. Larry’s Hill also offers team-building activities and outdoor camping experience.

This is Amaya View's Azul, an overlooking infinity pool situated on the cliffside. This is open until 12MN! 

So when you visit CDO, include this destination in the sky and book your travel at StreetBy Tours.

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