Experience CDO's Water Rapids

By itsmejamesrhed - February 12, 2020

Be brave, take the risks, and conquer your fears! This is CDO's white water rafting for beginners. You will encounter 14 major rapids, in 3 hours river flow from Aura to Cabula in Cagayan de Oro. 

We had a fun-filled ride with 1st Rafting Adventure, The Philippine's Pioneer in whitewater Rafting since 1995. 

For every rapid, it has a challenge and the guide makes sure to experience great rough water in order to endure a thrill and excitement. 

The rapids for the beginners classified to Class II-III rapids it means it gives you exciting ride but with limited risks.


The rafting is absolutely fun and it's something you should try! So book your travel destination only at StreetBy Tours.

The Bloggers from North Mindanao, Vloggers of CDO and Sir Jan Sanchez of StreetBy.

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