The Talikud Island Tours

By itsmejamesrhed - June 13, 2017

Talikud is another island in Samal, Davao del Norte blessed with beautiful places including corals and blue waters. It's a one hour and 21 minutes ride via "lantsa" (which means ferry or motorboat) from Sta. Ana Warf in Davao City. The boat schedule is 8:00 am while the return is 3:45pm. There is only one boat ride per day.

One of Talikud's Pride is the Punta del Sol Mangrove Sanctuary. It is located at Sitio Mansud, Barangay Dadatan, Talikud Island, Kaputian District, Island Garden City of Samal. 


There is a basic entrance fee, for the Day Tour it's only P100.00 while for overnight you'll need to pay the P200.00. So since we stayed here overnight I decided to get a non-air conditioned room which is only P1,000.00 good for 2 person but you don't need to pay the overnight fee of P200.00 that's free of charge already. 

The Island Tour


So after our lunch, we decided to get a tour. The tour is P3,500.00 if we want to use the van, but since we are only 6, our transportation is only "habal-habal" which is only P350.00 per person. 

So where did we go?

1. First stop was in Dadatan Bat Conservation Park. The place was so solemn and creepy. The cave is very warm and dark. According to our tour guide during our pictorials he found 2 big serpents sleeping. Though I'm scared, I made a quick shot. lol


2. Next stop is what they called "The Friendship Road" this road has a man made trees that imitates the Cedar Trees in Bukidnon or the Man-made Forest in Bohol.

3. The Balite Tree. As we all know that this kind of tree has a story to tell. So since I don't want to talk about it, so it's for you to find out.. Sounds Creepy right? lol 

4. Faith Healer's Camp was one of the most memorable place in Talikud. According to the locals the faith healer was living here before and he healed many people living in the area.

5. La Isla Bonita. The area has a white sand and turquoise color of water. The place is very quiet and has no signal from any network. So if you want a place for relaxation this place is for you.

6. Baga Cave. This is the last stop and the highlight of the tour. There is an entrance fee of P25.00 for the safety hat to be used. We are not allowed to touch the stalactites and stalagmites formation. According to the Cavers this cave can reach the area of Toril in Davao City that's about 9 hours caving and another 9 hours in going back.

Finally we completed our tour, so we asked the drivers to take us to the market where we can buy fresh fish to eat for our dinner. After the market we went back immediately to the resort and ask them to cook for us. But of course there is a charge for

So after the sumptuous dinner. We had our craziest conversation about horror stories. Believe us we are just right beside the what they called the Dancing Tree.  That Dancing Tree was like a balite tree, so can you imagine how crazy we are? Sound strange? Well, very strange!

Early in the morning, I had an accident, but I still manage to swim and got a picture taking. 

So, that was our adventure! By the way the tour will last for 3 hours, for more information you can visit their Facebook Account or click the picture below.
By the way, follow my Instagram account for my traveling experiences! Just click the link below.

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