One Summer Day in Kopiat Island.

By itsmejamesrhed - June 01, 2017

Beach Please??? without going far? Well, Lubi Plantation is the answer to beat the heat! This is just 35 minutes away from Tagum City or 26.3 kms ride going to Pindasan, Mabini, ComVal Province.

Lubi Plantation has 98 hectares occupying the whole island including the shorelines. The Phase I was developed initially consisting of 37 hectares while the remaining 50 hectares compose of Lubi or Coconuts. 

The island is owned and developed by the Lorenzos which is known as one of the stakeholders in some businesses in Mindanao.    

Why Lubi Plantation?

Lubi Plantation was derived from the word "Lubi" which means Coconuts. We all know that coconuts is one of the common trees in the Philippines and known for many uses and benefits.

Day Tour Package

The tour is good only for one (1) day until 5pm. The cost is PHP2,000.00 per head depending on the dates based on their slack period. The inclusions are the following;

Unlimited use of infinity swimming pool and in the shoreline. Take a dip in their 5 ft swimming pool and definitely, you will experience a world class resort.

Tour around the Island including the undeveloped area for 30-45 minutes using their golf car. Is it amazing? lol

Lunch Package. The meals in the picture are good for 4 people. This is not a buffet but a share to everyone plates only. You know what's good? The Appetizer will bring you to heaven, aside from its juicy taste, your stomach will be getting full after few chew without eating yet the main dish.

and lastly the Showroom. The introductory price of their rooms is PHP 8,000.00 per night which is good for 2 person only.

How to get there?

1. Book and make a reservation with them (Please refer to their website for your reference). 

2. If by plane... take any flight going to Davao City.

if by land...  From Davao City take a bus going to Mati (Direct Route) or Tagum ( 2 Trips, Davao - Tagum and Tagum - Pindasan). If you will bring your own car make sure to register your plate number ahead of time, so that they will allow you to enter. 

3. From Pindasan, ask the local to guide you going to the port of Lubi Plantation. From their port, they will assist you to proceed to the speed boat and will take you to the island.

Lubi plantation will soon to rise condominium buildings, casinos, villas, hotel, diving sites, lagoon with a fishing area and more.

So for the rating? I will give 8 stars of 10. Though the resort is not fully functional yet to the public they can already give you the best customer satisfaction! So that's it! In your 2k definitely, datu feels! lol

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