The quickest and cheapest tour when in UBEC!

By itsmejamesrhed - March 04, 2017

Maximizing UBEC! When in Cebu experience the quickest and cheapest tour! 

After experiencing the Sinulog 2017, I went to different places in the northern part of Cebu for a side trip. I went to Sirao Flower Farm, Tops Busay and Temple of Leah.

Sirao Flower Farm 

Sirao flower farm is situated in Barangay Sirao, Cebu City. If you want to get there first, you need to take any rides from cebu proper going to JY Square, then from JY Square take a habal - habal (local term for motorcycle) gong to Sirao. The fare costs depending the agreement of the both parties but in our case we settled for PHP 800.00 (2 pax) round trip with three places.

The farm has a huge of Celosia flowers in different colors like yellow, fuchsia and orange. During our visit the flowers were not that attractive because of the typhoon and cold weather. According to the farmer the best season to visit is during summer most likely March or April. 

They called it Amsterdam in the Philippines so no need to go to Europe... lol. The entrance fee is  PHP 50.00 per person so you will definitely enjoy the amsterdam feeling! 

Tops in Busay


So since we are running out of time, we immediately proceeded to our next stop which is the Tops in Busay, located at Cebu Transcentral Highway, Cebu City 19 minutes or 9.1 kms away from Sirao. From this point you can see the overlooking view of Cebu, the street lights and the sound of the wind passing by.

Since we arrived almost 6pm, we never had a chance to get a nice capture. So sorry for the images I just enhanced it to make it a little better. lol. By the way the entrance fee is Php 100.00 per person so you need to maximize your time and wait until dark. lol again!

Temple of Leah

Our last stop is the Temple of Leah still situated at Cebu Transcentral Highway of Cebu it's a 7 minute ride or 2.7 kms away from Tops in Busay.  

Temple of Leah was named to LEAH V. ALBINO-ADARNA who was chosen Matron Queen of her Alma Mater. the University of  Sourthern Philippines. The statue of my back is a nine-foot bronze which portrays her composure and regal bearing when she was crowned. By the way Leah is the Grandmother of the actress Ellen Adarna.

Since we came dark, so we are unable to get a nice captures to the whole temple. We are just using GoPro and Smartphones in our documentation. 

We suppose to proceed to Lantaw Bukid but unfortunately the restaurant was closed due to landslide happened in the morning so we went back immediately to cebu proper for our dinner.


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