Lakawon Island is Love! A Place for Relaxation

By itsmejamesrhed - January 08, 2017

Travelling solo to Lakawon Island is one of my great accomplishments before 2016 ends. This is my summer be like in December. Lakawon Island is definitely a paradise haven in the City of Cadiz, Province of Negros Occidental. Approximately 1.5 hours of Travel or 52.8 km ride from Bacolod City. 

Lakawon Island is a private-owned island with 13 hectares land area. A new travel destination for solo travelers or beach addicts. 

Why Lakawon Island?

It's a Cebuano word means "Lakaw" or "to walk". Meaning you need to walk far before reaching the Main Island. You know why? because it's low tide. lol. I really don't know why they come up with that name but, that's what they said!

I've just arrived in the Island at exactly 11:00 o'clock in the morning exactly the same in my itinerary. I immediately took a selfie as part of my documentation. lol

So right after, I went to their canteen and look for a meal to provide food for my stomach. Hahaha. Because I'm on a budget, I just took fried chicken for my lunch and ask me how much? It's only Php 180.00... That much! Hahaha

What do they have?

After my lunch, I did a quick tour to explore Lakawon Island. They don't have that much of facilities and sports activities  but, still the island is great and perfect for pictorials. During my visit I was able to witness a Pre-nup shoot and some hobbyist flying their own personal drones. It was really a hot afternoon so I was not able to tour around the whole Island but instead I stayed in their floating resto. Take a look in my pictures below for you to visual out :)

This is my favorite place in the area. I always come here time to time because of this Air-conditioned Comfort Room. I felt like I wanna sleep here since and it's cold and very hot

Tawhai Floating Restaurant

After my quick tour, I decided to proceed to their famous floating resto. Why famous? Because this is seems to be the biggest floating bar in Asia. This is supposed to be not my itinerary but after I saw the trending topic in the internet I decided to change my destination here. So here's the quick guide.

You will get this passes after you pay your entrance fee at their Tourist Center. Ticket Cost is only Php 250.00 with one (1) complimentary drink of your choice, either beer or juice.

On my way going to the Floating Resto.

So upon reaching the place my relaxation has just started... I slept for few minutes and then a very quick tour around the Floating Resto.


The Lounge Chairs where you can relax.

The Bar Area where you can redeem your complimentary drink.

How to get there?

1. From Bacolod Silay Airport take a Van going to North Bus Terminal. The fare is Php 150.00.

2. From North Bus Terminal take a Bus going to Cadiz City. The fare is Php 95.00 and it will take 1.5 hours of travel.

3. When you reach Cadiz City please tell the conductor to drop you to Brgy. Burgos Stop-Over Terminal or tell him you're going to Lakawon Island.


4. From that place look for a tricycle and ask them to take you to Cadiz Viejo Finger Port. The fare is Php 40.00/ head but if you are a solo traveler like me you should pay Php. 120.00 that is 10-15 minutes ride.


5. When you reach the Cadiz Viejo Finger Port you need to pay for the pump boat here. Again if you go solo you need 1K plus for the ride, so since I'm on a budget I've waited for few minutes to join in a group. So I paid Php 292.00 in a group of Seven.

6. So after the payment we went directly to the boat area. So since It was low tide, we walk first before we reach the boat. That is why it's called The ride is a bit shaky because of the huge waves so it took 20 minutes to reach the island.  

So for those who want to try my solo adventure at Lakawon Island just drop your email address and I will send you my Itinerary including my budget. 

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  1. Will definitely go here soon! ����

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    1. naks nman! Salamat naman po kung ganun... Simple lang maging totoo ka lang.. :)

  3. Will go here soon :) Would be great if you can send your itinerary. Here's my email address:


  4. Hiii po... :) Thanks for this blog. Really helpful! I would like to ask for your itinerary and budget docs po. :) Thank you so much!

  5. Hi! :) Can you send me your itinerary? I'll be going there on sept.. alone :) thanks!

  6. hello po..want to go there on solo backpacking..pde po malaman ung itinerary nyu ??thanks po :)