Eat and Save at Pick and Grill

By itsmejamesrhed - November 04, 2016

Looking for an affordable place to dine in Tagum City? Then visit Pick and Grill's newest and third branch located along Pan Philippine National Highway infront of CAP Auditorium, formerly situated at Abad Santos Street, but due to high demand they finally moved in the said location.


Pick and Grill Tagum is a well known in their grill business that has good taste. People are coming back  because of the special flavors and marinade recipes they put in. 


How to Order?

Simply choose for your desired smoke meats to be grilled. Pick and Grill assures the cleanliness of the station since the meats were all stored in a chiller.

Place it in a plate and then ask for a pending number. Grilling time will take 15-20 minutes so please have patience in dealing such matter most especially if hungry. (You know what I mean! lol) 


Pick and Grill is one of the cheapest grilling resto in the metro. For a minimum amount you can order a lot of barbecues that you and your friends can enjoy. 

You can also save time because the new branch has a spacious and wide area, even the grilling station can accommodate multiple orders. 

Lastly, take it from me before heading to this place make sure it's not raining or else you will suffer the sprinkles of the rain.  

Check their map below

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