Quick Adventure in Bohol

By itsmejamesrhed - August 24, 2016

Being in Bohol for the fifth (5th) time is definitely awesome! It only shows my interest in going back to Bohol. This was just a quick trip or shall we say a side trip only from our clan reunion which happens every two years. For the firs time I brought my family here during my fifth visit.

So the first thing we did is to visit the home place of my dad which is somewhere in Inabanga, Bohol. The place is 2 hours ride from Tagbilaran City. So for the first time I finally stepped the origin of my family and took a meal in a boholano way. lol

So after the visit, we went directly to the town of Carmen which Chocolate Hills can be found! Since it has a gloomy weather that time the surroundings was kinda foggy. So since it's raining we immediately proceed to our next stop.

After visiting the famous Chocolate Hills we went here at ATV Rentals for an adventure. We had a buggy trip which closest to the hills. It was a bumpy and a "putik" adventure for us. The ATV rental is Php 900.00 which is good for 2 persons only. You can also avail the single one but i forgot the price.

After the adventure, we immediately proceed to the nearby tourist destination of Bohol which is along the road going back to Tagbilaran City.

It was a quick trip but full of fun! So hope to see Bohol again in 2018.

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