Going Solo at Bukidnon & Dahilayan Adventure Park

By itsmejamesrhed - May 22, 2015

     After a hectic schedule, I decided to go solo and rest for awhile away from the city. So i chose the Province of Bukidnon since the place is known to be one of the coolest place in Mindanao. Bukidnon Province is located in Northern Mindanao, it's about 183 km away or 3 hours and 37 minutes ride from Davao City.

     I stayed in Malaybalay City which is the capital city of Bukidnon Province. I chose a simple living for few days, learned the culture and enjoyed the green surroundings. The province's average elevation is 915 metres or 3,002 ft above the sea level so no wonder it's cold. The hotel I stayed was very cheap and affordable within the city area and accessible to stores, market, foods nearby.

     So since I'm already in Bukidnon, I never skipped to visit the Dahilayan Adventure Park and Forest Park. So from Malaybalay City I took a bus going to Manolo Fortitch it's about 1 hour and 25 minutes ride or 60 km away. Upon reaching the place I asked the by standers if how can i get there at Dahilayan Adventure Park, so they told me to ride a habal-habal which known to be a single motor, so from Manolo Fortitch that's about 41 minutes or 22 km going to Dahilayan. It was really a great adventure for me because of dusty and bumpy road so i was totally full of dust. After getting there the  habal-habal driver offered me to wait for me since no one will take me back to Manolo Fortitch. So we settled for about 200-400 pesos, I forgot the exact amount but it's depends upon your bid.

Before you can enter the park you will pay the  Php 100.00 as entrance fee for the adults and Php 50.00 for the kids. So my adventures begun, taking photos by myself and trying some basic and wooden rides. Since I'm all alone, I always ask anyone to take me a picture because I forgot to bring my selfie stick. lol

The first ride i took was the Forest Luge. The forest park luge is the ONLY ride in the Philippines. It is definitely a great adventure for all ages. The ride cost is Php 600.00 per person.

Another outdoor adventure i tried was Zorb. The Zorbit is a giant inflated ball where you will be strapped inside and rolled down to a hill upside down. The zorb is Php 250.00/ person but limited to 2 persons only per roll, so since I'm alone I waited for few minutes to get a partner.

To sum up my Bukidnon Experience was totally awesome, though I don't have so much rides this time,because I already tried it during my first visit way back 2012. But all in all it was a great solo adventure. for more pictures you can browse the link below.

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