Day Tour @ Secdea Beach Resort

By itsmejamesrhed - April 22, 2014

PictureGoing to SECDEA is so easy but a little bit hassle and bumpy. It situated in San Isidro, Babak Samal Island. From Sasa Barge Wharf,  you need to pay Php 10.00 fare for the ferry boat going to Samal Port.  It's a 15 minutes ride from Sasa Port.
     Upon the arrival you will  need to ride a "Habal-Habal"(single motorcycle) or a Pedicab (with side car) that cost Php 75.00 each person going to Secdea. It's about 30 minutes ride and you will experience dusty road and bumpy ride along the way.

    When reaching the place you will be asked by the guard if you have booked earlier or made a reservation, if NOT, then you are not allowed to enter. Secdea caters limited guest because the resort is still under development. You need to book earlier prior to your visit. If YES, then the crew will take you to the counter or the reception area of the resort  while riding a golf car. (How is that??? lol)

At the reception area you will need to pay Php 750.00 (Peak Season) or Php 650.00 (Regular Days) that includes your entrance fee, usage of swimming pool and of course a lunch buffet. They will also give you a password for your free access of  their WiFi. After the payment they will instruct you where to go and what to do during your day tour.

PictureMy friends, Rhed (me on the left), Brent, Jay, & Pepsie
      Once you get inside you will choose any of the tables you  want or you can stay at the cabana. Me and my friends decided to choose the wooden table which is fully varnished found near the talisay tree and beside the bar. Actually, before we went to that wooden table we went first to the cottage, but unfortunately the cottage has a separate charge of Php 500.00.

     We take a rest first for few minutes and roam around. Since we arrived at the resort around 10am so it's expected we are hungry. So since we cannot take our lunch yet  we just explore the nearest area to the function hall while waiting. 

Serving time for lunch buffet is 11:30am at the function hall up to 2pm.  They served delicious Filipino dishes and one (1) glass of iced tea. The lunch was very sumptuous, so heavy and healthy!
      After we took our lunch we went to the view deck and saw the aerial view of the resort. Make sure you have healthy bones to take the stairs or else you will suffer pain. Lol
      The most exciting part is swimming . So since the weather was gloomy we went directly to the pool and have fun like a child. We are not able to swim at the sea because it's low tide.

     After swimming we continue to explore the area. We went to mangrove walk, to sea shore, to the tennis court, to the lagoon, we played volleyball, we took some pictures of course with our best selfies. The place is actually perfect for photoshoot and I'm pretty sure you will love the place too. Also Secdea  has water sports like jetskie, kayaking, banana boat and more. Please visit for more information.

The check out time for day tour is 5pm only. After you have checked out you will get an exit pass to be submitted to the guard while riding again a Golf Car. The guard or the crew will call for a tricycle or motor cycle for your transpo. Same fare going back to Samal Port.

My over all score is 8 out of 10. So if you want to a place you want to be! Then i will recommend you to SECDEA! Thanks for reading!

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